New Blog Design

Who's a pretty boy?

Hello! I’ve been away a while but I’m back!

You’ll notice a change of design. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and clean up the theme of this site. With Jekyll you can apply pre-made themes to your site quite easily. However your site needs to be structured in a certain way before this works. Up until recently I did not have the time to restructure my site but at last! Now I have.

I’ve added a separate category for Android development. I hope to concentrate on filling that up next year. So keep your eyes peeled. I also want to add a section and finally start writing up my uni notes so I can save some space on my shelf. I have no idea how well that would go but it is either that or throw them in the bin, which would be a shame.

The new theme is called Hydeout. Check it out and star the repository!