Well it has been a long time between posts but I promise it is for a good reason. I have been busy learning. Learning Kotlin. Kotlin is a replacement for Java and has gained massive popularity on the Android platform. It is compatible with Java down to the bytecode level meaning you can have a mixed project - some Java some Kotlin. Whilst this sounds like it would be a great way to slowly migrate a large project this comes with some gotchas.

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Postcards From The Edge

After a year long read I’ve finally finished Postcards From The Edge by Carrie Fisher.

Postcards From The Edge - Carrie Fisher
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Christmas In Ireland

I usually flip flop between Ireland and the U.K. for Christmas holidays. This year is Ireland’s turn.

Demanding child keeps parents up throughout the night
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Making A Scene

For the past few weeks I’ve been taking a brief detour into the Transitions framework in Android. I’ve building a success screen that initially shows a full screen image and text and later transitions into a summary of your transaction.

This post documents some of the things I’ve learned whilst working on this.

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Under The Hood Optimisations

I’ve spent the last few weeks wrestling with Ruby and making some site changes to my blog. It’s been enjoyable. I’ve learned more about Ruby and more about responsive images on the web. I still don’t like Ruby, but at least now I have made my peace with it.

Man looks under the hood of an old jeep from world war two
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A week after coming back from snowboarding I felt a little nostalgic for all the yummy food I had been missing.

Saucisson & Whisky
Orange Cake
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